Cornell University Law School

ABA’s Master Plan for the Cornell University Law School focuses on preserving the School’s historic resources, re-purposing existing buildings, and accommodating growth without expanding the campus footprint. Following the Master Plan, ABA completed a series of renovation and new construction initiatives. Constructed below an existing lawn, a new Academic Center provides three tiered classrooms and breakout spaces, a new accessible entry, and a renovated lobby. Located in a former locker space, the new Law School Commons and provides a café for students and faculty. The Academic Center and Commons open onto a re-envisioned historic quad, enhancing the use of this primary but previously underutilized outdoor space. Future phases include reconfiguration of the Law Library to accommodate instructional, gathering and student life spaces, and renovation of a 1962 building to house offices, administrative support spaces, academic programs and meeting spaces. This project exceeds the University's standards for sustainable design and has received LEED Platinum.

Ithaca, New York