Springfield Technical Community College, Student Learning Commons

As the only technical community college in Massachusetts, and with an annual enrollment of over 9,000 students, Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) offers a variety of education and career programs unparalleled in the state. The College was founded in 1967 and is located on 35 acres of the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. Because the campus is part of a National Historic Landmark and the National Park System, work to STCC’s historic buildings and campus are subject to review by state and federal historic agencies and the National Park Service.

Constructed in four phases from 1846 through 1863, Building 19 originally served as a storehouse for the Springfield National Armory and has been unoccupied for 150 years. ABA’s design for a new Student Learning Commons in the building integrates modern building systems and structural upgrades while maintaining the historic character of the existing building. Program is consolidated into four major “hubs” for student and academic services. The Student Enrollment and Academic Advising Centers simplify enrollment processes and consolidate access to student services, previously housed in multiple buildings across campus. The Learning Commons combines the College’s library with instructional spaces, tutoring and information technology services. The Center animates Building 19 with student life and daily activities, providing a café, bookstore, and meeting areas for students to study and socialize at the new center of their campus.

Springfield, Massachusetts