St. Paul's School, Friedman Community Center

Friedman Community Center offers a contemporary setting for faculty and students, supporting all-school programs, gatherings, performances, student organizations, hospitality, and offices in a revitalized campus landmark.

The Tudor-style landmark was carefully restored, with added windows and entries to create views and transparency. The original oakpaneled dining hall and lounge were refurbished as program and performance spaces, with a new café and mail center. Furnishings are movable, and the custom-designed rugs roll and stack for dance parties. The suspended plaster “ceiling cloud” reduces noise and incorporates new systems. An open central stair, with views to the campus grounds, connects the historic level to open and glasswalled lower level spaces for the Dean of Students, school publications, radio station, and other organizations. Resin wall panels provide color surfaces that are easily maintained and lighting adds play and visual energy. A new slate-clad entrance connects to the new riverside terrace.

Friedman reflects a broad and important sustainability program — from its design approach, materials, and everyday waste management, to demonstrating conservation in action.

Concord, New Hampshire